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Harmony 9s 2022 Festival of Rugby League

We are excited to announce that Macedonia will be competing in the Harmony 9's Festival. The boys have been training the house down and are really looking forward to playing. Come out to support us, bring your Macedonian flags and colours. Get behind the boys and make some noise!


Harmony 9s Draw 2022

Game Times

Harmony 9s 2022.png

The new coaching gig reigniting Shane Flanagan’s passion for Rugby League

The Continuous Call Team’s Shane Flanagan has taken the helm of the brand-new Macedonian Lions rugby league team.

“Getting back to this level has just given me so much more drive and passion for what rugby league’s about.

“Seeing how excited these boys are just to turn up to training and see each other … to be involved with this group is just a pleasure.”


Paul Gallen, Shane Flanagan behind Macedonia's foray into rugby league

Macedonia has called in a couple of heavy hitters as it attempts to establish itself on the rugby league map.

The country, a small nation of just two million in Southeast Europe, played its first match last weekend.

At the helm were former Cronulla premiership-winning coach Shane Flanagan and his captain, the legendary Paul Gallen.

2021-12-19 G2 Macedonia vs Vietnam (665) 3.JPG
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